Chain Hoist

The tool that you never know that you need until the moment comes that low and behold you do. Then you are left thinking, “now what do I do?” For years in the garage we have had a small chain hoist for lifting up mowers and bushogs when it was time to clean the deck or service the blades. Just a small one tied onto the bottom side of the rafters, that though small enough to be portable was stuck in once place once it was hung. Being a smaller hobby style farm we don’t get our diesel fuel delivered to the farm, but we go through enough that keeping 5 gallon plastic jugs around are not quite enough to fill our needs and we are stuck at the whim of the diesel market for pricing concerns, To get around that a few years back we purchased a 50 gallon fuel tank that sits on a stand in the barn. The problem is that the bugger is heavy to lift when it is empty, let alone filled with fuel. In the past it was a careful dance to get the tractor bucket possitioned just above the tank, chain it up and then carefully lift the tank and drive it to the truck. The problem is that this requires moving in tight quarters, and  usually involves maxing out the lift height of the tractor and barely making it, This is where a chain hoist is nice for a taller lift, but being in a fixed possition it doesn’t help getting from the tank stand to the truck bed. Rapidly running out of options that didn’t require two people and a bit of breath holding Christopher found a chain hoist that was tracked to run on an I-Beam with the beam cheaper than other options to just buy the beam. He found the hoist on Craigslist, and it turned out that the hoist and beam had come out of an old factory. The hoist is a Detroit 1/2 ton that has a walking chain rather than being pulled along the beam by hand which makes everything just a little bit easier. 

After some discussions with fBI who built our barn some bracing was added into the rafters to support the added weight of the I-Bean at one end, and the other was set on top of the exterior wall.

The real test of the new hoist came a few weeks after all of the installation and bracing up was finished when it was again time to make our anual diesel run. The new hoist worked beautifully and just as intended. It marked the simplest trip that the tank had ever taken easily moving from the truck right to its place on the stand with no fuss or stress. Even if this hoist is only used once or twice a year for this one purpose it has been worth the time and money that went into it.


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