Growing Potatoes

I know that this might sound crazy, but as a kid who grew up in Idaho and who can make a meal out of a baked potato I have never grown them myself. This year I decided to change that poor sad fact.

I remember watching my grandmother dig potatoes as a kid and so many seemed to get speared by the pitch fork as she turned them up. I didn’t want to deal with that so I am growing tire potatoes this year. The bottom of the first tire was filled with straw, dirt, seed potatoes, more dirt and more straw. Then as the plants get taller the goal is to add more dirt and straw so that there are only a few leaves sticking above the straw. The goal is that when it comes time to harvest I just need to knock over the tires and the potatoes will be ready to pick off of the ground.

Since these pictures were taken I am running out of tires as the plants are getting taller and thriving. Ihope that means that this experiment is working.


Growing Cucumbers

The thing that I really dislike about growing cucumbers is chasing the vines all over the garden in an attempt to find all of the produce;  and then missing some and they turn into the monster yellow ones. Then there is no place for them to go except into the compost bin. This year based off an idea that saw used for tomatoes I took a couple of T-posts and some woven wire and made a fence for the cucumber plants to climb up. This has worked out great. I can almost see 360 degrees on the plants with very little on thr ground. I still do miss some from time to time; but at least now most of them are just hanging out waiting to be picked.

I am also trying this idea on some tomato plants, but I got to them too late so I am having mixed results.