RIP Cole

This last week we lost our first barn cat Cole. We called him the Grumpy Old Man since he was always unhappy if he wasn’t getting his way, but he was a great snuggler when he wanted to be. When he would come in for dinner he would look like he was over weight and we would debate cutting back his feed till someone picked him up and realized that under his winter coat he was very fit and nothing but solid muscle.

2014-10-18 22.08.52.jpg

This hunter always earned his keep. He would go after a mouse if the opportunity presented itself, but they were low on his culinary choices. Cole would wait hours for a ground squirrel and shrews  to pop out of its hole, and he would never share them. During the summer he would trot down the sidewalk with a robin so fat that he couldn’t see where he was going when he carried it. This cat even brought baby weasels up to the garage on two occasions. Seriously what cat kills a weasel? This wonderful hunter and four legged child will be missed. Cole you were far too young to go. 2015-06-16 18.45.43.jpg