A/C It Be True

Well the day has finally come, our old farm house graduated to the 21st Century. We got Central A/C installed a year ago this month. Gone are our beloved window units strung about the house. Moving into summer I look back on this upgrade and don’t dread the heat of the summer to come.

Before the A/C was installed I had the idea to free up some floor space by moving our furnace across the basement, so that had to happen before the A/C could be instaled, The benifit has been a cleaner and more organized basement with space to walk around.

The unit install just took a few hours and was installed by Eberhart Heating and Cooling out of Pine Village. We were really happy with the quality of the install and the overall process of working with Eberhart. We have even gone back to have them make some custom fittings to fit our old trunk lines as we have expanded the HVAC pathways through the whole house

I thought that the condencer coil that is installed in the furnace unit itself was really cool to look at.