Scary Stairs


When someone builds a house, or remodels it their marks can be seen long after their work has ended, leaving their legacy mark on the house. In the past I have captured some of the horrors that the previous owner of this house left behind in work that looked pretty till you scraped the surface. The stairway that was taken out as a part of Replacing One Wall: Surprise Yeah Right was one such example. The stringers of the old stair case were built out of 2×8’s, which meant that by the time they were notched for the treads there was only a little over an inch of material tying the whole thing together. It was no wonder that no mater what we did these stairs were noisy. They have now been replaced with 2×12 stringers.


Just a little bit better right. I was unfortunately not around for most of this process, but each of those notches had to be marked and cut by hand. I am sorry but I don’t have that kind of stability when I cut.


Between the new stringers going into place and the new treads being installed there was a day or so, but after not being able to get upstairs for a week there were a few items that we needed from our bedroom and the full bathroom upstairs. We started a game of climbing up and down the 1.5″ edge of the stringers and holding onto the stud wall for support. 145.jpg


The new treads are 2x as opposed to the old 1x so they are much more sturdy as well as being just a little bit deeper. Now our absurdly steep staircase is just a little over code steep. The treads are installed upside down and unfinished without risers for the time being until we are able to finish a couple of big projects upstairs. Then we will be without stairs for a little while again the treads are stained and finished. We are looking to go with a dark stain and light grey risers when it is all said and done.