Signs of the Times

Sometimes it feels like we have only been on the farm and working on this house for a few years and then I remember that it has actually been over 6 years since we moved in. There have been so many projects completed, but they are so difficult to use to mark time since things are so interconnected. For example the dining room ceiling has been down for several years because of all of the water and electric that was burried in it.
The trees in the yard are a bit different and don’t stop growing just because we are working on plumbing or electrical for the 5th, 6th or 7th times. When we moved in there was a row of young evergreen trees along the road. The trees didn’t even come up to my waist when we first found them by burning down years of overgrowth on the yard. They are visible on the far side of these pictures as little dark triangles.

By comparison a couple of weeks ago I rode past these same trees on my horse and these trees that used to be so short 6 years ago were over my head while I was riding. That means that some of these trees are pushing 10 foot plus. It is great to see that the wind break is growing in and gives me hope for the trees that we have planted elsewhere on the property one day growing up.